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The Artists

  • Bergamasque

    Bergamasque is a vocal ensemble gathering high level singers who put in common their passion and energy to serve the best they can a vocal unaccompanied repertoire.

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  • Choeur en Scène

    Chœur en Scène est une compagnie de chanteurs lyriques dont la vocation est d'allier la polyphonie vocale à d'autres disciplines du spectacle vivant. Une place privilégiée est faite à la création, à la collaboration avec des compositeurs d'aujourd'hui et à l'invention de nouvelles formes. 

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  • Djanam

    Djanam is a vocal ensemble composed of 15 women who have a personal passion for polyphonic songs from Balkan or Cocasus. The ensemble is most of the time singing together with 4 to 5 musicians.

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  • Ensemble De Caelis

    Created in 1998 under the artistic leadership of Laurence Brisset, the De Caelis Ensemble is specialized in the interpretation of medieval unaccompanied repertoire.

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  • Ensemble La Fenice

    Symbol of the influence of italian music in the baroque europe, La Fenice is also the name borrowed by a group of musicians, gathered since 1990 under the direction of the cornetto player Jean Tubery, and eager to share their passion for ventitian music from XVIIth century. The repertoire doesn't...

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  • Gerard Gasparian

    Né à Erevan dans une famille de musiciens, Gérard Gasparian s'installe depuis 1974 en France, pour y poursuivre ses études au CNSM de Paris, où il obtient plusieurs premiers prix. Pianiste concertiste et compositeur, Gérard Gasparian se produit depuis de nombreuses années en Europe et dans les...

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  • Goussan

    Sous la direction artistique de Haig Sarikouyoumdjian, l'ensemble Goussan se consacre à la musique traditionnelle arménienne. Trio ou quatuor d'instruments traditionnels d'arménie : le doudouk, le kamancha, les percussions du moyen orient (zarb, daf, tombak), le kanoun

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  • Op.Cit

    Op.Cit, Orchestra for the city, is a multi-faeted musical Ensemble who ventures into fertiles grounds at the crossing of classical and improvised music.

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  • Serkan Uyar

    Born in 1980 in Konya, the sacred town of the whirling dervishes, Serkan Uyar is noticed when a young child for the unique quality of his voice. He discovers during his youth the musical practice through the learning of the "blaglama" , emblematic instrument of the turkish tradition. He will then...

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  • Sylviane Deferne

    The swiss pianist Sylviane Deferne runs an international career after having won several international prizes.

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  • Taghi Akhbari

    In the eighties, Taghi follows the sacred song courses from masters of persian music and he gets an oral and direct teaching as required by the tradition.

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